Summer Lake Residence

Collaboration with Bill Roach, Designer

885 Interior SF; Completed Fall 2016

This house provides a modest residence at PLAYA Artist Retreat Center at Summer Lake, located at the eastern foot of the Fremont Mountains range, and looking east towards the Great Sandy Desert basin. The design is informed by and integrates with, the surrounding landscape and the local building vernacular. Located in a rural location where resources are limited, the construction was facilitated by relying on materials and technologies sourced at regional industrial centers.

This house prototype is composed of repeating rectangular plan modules, based on a four-foot grid. The structure is constructed with standard light-wood framing materials, pre-fabricated into panels and components that are trucked in and assembled on site. The utility of the metal siding is replaced around the entry areas with the inviting warmth of cedar boards. The continuous low-slope roof plane is simple to construct, provides excellent protection from prevailing wind and driving rain, and facilitates potential rainwater harvesting. The interior organization, varying ceiling heights, and long vistas through oversized windows, make this compact 960-SF home feel expansive.

Photos by Bronson Studios

Construction impact was reduced by site-assembling prefabricated components. The modular design ensures maximum material efficiency and minimal construction waste. Wrapped in a double-insulated wall, the home is conditioned with an efficient heat pump, a back-up wood stove, and a Heat Recovery Ventilator. Abundant daylight is provided via oversized windows, glazed doors, and a central skylight.

Structural Engineer
Johnson Broderick Engineering
General Contractor
Sweeney Building Company, Lakeview, OR
Foundation & Panel Framing Contractor
Markus-Thompson, Springfield, OR