Playa Retreat

Collaboration with Bill Roach, Designer

At this artist retreat in Summer Lake, Oregon, a new master plan lays out driveways, walkways, outdoor spaces and new, old, and relocated buildings into a harmonious whole. The buildings include a new common house, service wing, and bath house, and remodeled cabins and residences. They express a clean vernacular that reveals and expresses the nature of the selected materials and structural elements. Views and connections to the seasonal lake, mountains, and the pond are abundant, yet carefully considered.

Extensive reuse of existing buildings and materials reduced the embodied energy of this retreat center. Minimal finishes, appropriate to the desert location, further limit the buildings' use of virgin materials. Carefully considered daylighting brings natural light into all of the buildings while connecting them to the natural surroundings. A 1500 gallon cistern in the common building, solar panels, and stubs for future solar thermal panels all contribute to the water and energy reduction strategies at the retreat.

Solarc: architecture and engineering, Inc.

Civil & Structural:
Branch Engineering, Inc.

General Contractor:
2G Construction