UO Lawrence Hall

3,000 SF; Completed in 2014

Re-invent a cluster of dated hallways, classrooms, and offices into a light-filled, state-of-the-art communal administrative center, a student service center, and a conference room.

The central hallway walls were removed to create a spacious, multi-purpose hub where students can
congregate, interact, study, and view department course postings.

An adjacent classroom was expanded into an open administrative office shared by five department administrators.

A solid bearing wall between the open office and the hub was replaced with a massive beam spanning above oversized sliding doors - securing the office by night, and providing complete connectivity and openness by day.

Dropped ceilings, ducts and conduits were removed, revealing a historic deck-and-purlin ceiling, and
allowing new transoms and skylights to flood the tall spaces with daylight.

Historic windows, industrial structural elements, and exposed ducts are complimented with contemporary light fixtures and office furniture.

Photos by David Simone

Skylights and transoms bring daylight deep into the building, while new roof insulation and insulated windows prevent heat loss.

High-efficiency zoned mechanical systems replaced aging heaters, introducing fresh air into spaces.

Upgraded lighting includes super efficient LED fixtures, zoned controls, occupancy & daylight sensors.

Historic windows were reclaimed on site and repurposed as conference room wall relites.

Structural Engineer:
Johnson & Broderick Engineering

Fresh Aire Engineering, LLC
(541) 738-8704

Paradigm Engineering