West 10th Avenue

1310 SF Remodel

Completely cut-off from its spacious backyard, this home had been remodeled and adapted through its long history until its integrity was compromised. An unsafe spiral staircase in the kitchen led to a low-clearance second floor, and the single bathroom had little privacy as part of a hallway. The dramatic remodel clarifies public and private realms, connects the home to the yard, and makes the second floor a fully livable space. Stairs at the center of the home link the original living room to the new kitchen and dining room; built in shelves and cabinets and ceiling soffits reflect the historical nature of the home. New windows and expanded shed dormers delicately bring touches of the modern, while intensive space use keeps spaces scaled to historical proportions.

Photos by Bronson Studios

Insulating the remodeled portions of the house to a high standard means that with minor future work the whole home can enter a new era of energy efficiency.

Structural Engineer
Pioneer Engineering

General Contractor
Home Styles, Inc.
Joel Crutchfield
(541) 914-6418