Mount Hood Cultural Center & Museum

The Mt. Hood Cultural Center & Museum was opened in 2001 in Government Camp, at the base of Mt. Hood. Located in a remodeled former bed & breakfast at a prime downtown location, over the years the institution has expanded its programs, added events, and artifacts, and it is currently bursting at the seams. As its name states, the Cultural Center & Museum’s mission is to preserve, display and teach the rich history of Mt. Hood and the region, while also serving as the local community’s center of culture and civic life. The remodel & addition project seeks to more than double the building’s area, from its current 8220 SF to a projected 17,100 SF. The envisioned building will include 5 exhibit spaces ranging in size from 500 SF to 1800 SF; ample support spaces including storage, archives, a workshop, and an office; a research library; a generous lobby with a gift store and a café; community meeting rooms; and a grand event hall on the second floor with a massive wall of glass directly viewing Mt. Hood. Site amenities will include a public plaza; a reconstructed historic Steiner Cabin; a seasonal food cart; and a Bike plaza that will serve the swarms of cyclists that come each summer to explore the region’s famed biking trails.

Renderings by Mike Hopper