Deerhorn Road

2030 SF; Completed in 2007

The second floor living and master wings of this compact modern home occupy two separate square, tall volumes linked via a low-profile entry way. The living wing floor slab is set on concrete piles, floating above the sloping ground of the wooded lot. The structure integrates into the natural setting, reducing its impact. The minimalist modern design palette combines concrete foundations with a timber-framed post and beam structure, wooden roof decks, steel hardware, stucco and cedar siding, and multiple tall windows that overlook the McKenzie River. The separate wings’ shed roofs lift in opposite directions, accommodating transom windows and affording panoramic views of the surrounding drama of forest, basalt cliffs, and river.

Photos by Mike Dean

The raised floor slab allows for regeneration of natural vegetation on the ground below. The radiant heating system incorporates high-efficiency on-demand water heater, hydronic tubes, concrete floor slabs, and an air-to-air Heat Recovery Ventilator. Windows and solar tubes maximize daylighting. Super-insulated walls are framed with staggered studs and deep cavities. The R-40 insulated roof assembly incorporates reclaimed rigid foam boards. A small footprint, shading devices, and recycled materials also add to the home’s sustainability credentials.

Structural Engineer
K&A Engineering

Greg Morrow & Sons Inc.