Emerald Village Eugene – Mini Home

210 SF ; Loft: 90 SF

Emerald Village Eugene (EVE) is a 22-home village of low-cost tiny homes for very low-income people. The non-profit organization behind this great endeavor is SquareOne Villages http://www.squareonevillages.org/emerald

Our firm teamed up with General Contractor McKenzie Commercial, and with the Rotary Club of Eugene as the major donor and volunteer organization to help with this project. We reached deep into our local community of individuals and companies, and were rewarded with a long list of subcontractors, vendors, and donors who all selflessly donated labor and/or materials, which allowed us to construct Unit A at EVE for a minimal investment. This tiny home was a big labor of love!

We dubbed our mini-home, the Shed House.
We set out to develop a prototype that can be readily and affordably replicated anywhere. Thus, efficiency and simplicity drive this building's design. A single shed roof plane starts low over the sheltered entry porch, then lifts gradually to provide ample height inside and accommodate a generous loft. An entry combined with the kitchen allows for the preservation of relatively expansive interiors including a sleeping area and a full bathroom. Exterior storage closets accommodate tools, materials, and bicycles.

The small footprint of this house minimizes impact on the environment. The roof orientation and pitch make this house ready for solar PV and hot water systems.


Square One Villages: Owner / Developer
Nir Pearlson Architect: Design-Build
McKenzie Commercial Construction: General
Construction. Building Materials
Cummins Contracting: Site Work
Smooth Move Concrete pumping: Concrete pumping
Delta Sand & Gravel: Site Work
Knife River Concrete: Concrete work
The Rotary Club of Eugene: Volunteers, $5,000 Cash Donation, Furniture Donations
Gene Stringfield Building Materials Co.: Discounted Building Materials
States Industries: Plywood Materials
Tree Products Hardwoods LP: Trim Materials
Architectural Millwork: Trim Materials
Gibson: Steel Metal Fabrication
Jazz Khalsa: Metal Fabrication
Yankeebuilt: Cabinets
Signature Surfaces NW: Granite Countertops, Sinks Gardner Floor Covering: Flooring
Rubinstein’s: Tile Backsplash
Prism Painting: Painting & Staining
Tommy’s Paint Pot: Paint Materials
Hedge Carter Gutter Service: Gutters & Downspouts
Home Insulation: Insulation
Evergreen Roofing: Roofing
Al’s Sheet Metal: Sheet Metal Fabrications
The Harver Company: Sheetrock. Plaster materials
Eugene Plastering Inc.: Plaster Labor
Sierra-Pacific Windows: Windows & Doors
Paul Modell Construction: Solar Tube
John the Plumber: Plumbing Labor & Materials
LMJ: Electrical Labor
CED Eugene: Electrical Materials
VSC Window Coverings: Blinds & Curtains
Hummingbird Wholesale: Volunteer Lunch Food
La Perla Pizzeria: Volunteer Lunch Food
Café Yumm!: Volunteer Lunch Food
Sweet Life Desserts: Volunteer Lunch Food
Hop Valley Brewing Co.: Volunteer Beer


Al Carriere
Alan Reynolds
Alicia Gibsberg
Andrew Heben
Andy Vobora
Art Peck
Bill McConochie
Brandon Durocher
Carl Bybee
Casey Shutes
Chris Shipp
Chris Deel
Collen Schlonga
Connor Anderson
Curtis Large
Dan Bryant
Dan Hill
Dan Montgomery
Daniel Bramske
Darryl Larson
David & Jill Monk
David Simone
David Wade
Doug Harcleroad
Eric Gustafson
Fred Niemeyer
Garrett Ledgerwood
Ginnie Grilley
Hearing Associates Staff
Jerry Harris
Jim Mender
John Fox
John Hazen
Josh Neckels
Jane McDonald
Jane Scheidender
Janelle McCoy
Jarrod Powell
Jazz Khalsa
Jeff Parker
Jerry Harris
Jim Mender
John Fox
John Hazen
Josh Neckels
Kevin Hanna
Kevin Wiles
Levi Johnson
Liz Ness
Lynne Swartz
Ken W
Lance Miller
Marsha Gravesen
Mary Hanna
Mathias Craig
Matthew Parrott
Mike – Smooth Move Concrete Pumping
Nir Pearlson
Noreen Dunnells
Patrick Lotten
Paul Modell
Ravitej Khalsa
Rebecca Sprinson
Rich Klopfer
Robert Jurasevich
Robin Olofson
Rod Cummins
Roger Ota
Scott Palmer
Shawn Heim
Shelby  Meyers
Sherry Schaefers
Shreedhara Bajracharya
Ted Campbell
Thomas Nesbit
Tom Gilmour
Vicki James
Victoria Whitman
Wayne Hayner
Zarina Bell