West 4th Avenue

1800 SF Addition + Remodel; Completed in 2008

This two-story home and garden guest cottage replace a former residence. Now, interior spaces link together and provide ample indoor-outdoor access and views. Much of the second floor deck was constructed using reclaimed exposed wood planks over beams, which forms the ceiling above the first floor circulation areas. The living room is a double-height volume, opening towards the second floor mezzanine. The glazed hallway leading to the master wing parallels a trellised exterior deck, which in turn opens onto the garden. Covered balconies on the second floor bring the outdoors in and the indoors out.

Photos by Mike Dean

Massive reclaimed Douglas-Fir warehouse shelves were milled into the second floor deck planks. Windows and skylights maximize daylighting. Low-infiltration ‘Spider’ insulation sprayed into all the wall cavities and a centrally-located gas fireplace keep both floors warm.

Structural Engineer
JKN Engineering