UO Police Department Dispatch

770 SF; Completed in 2013

Inserting this state-of-the-art Dispatch Center into a standard office suite meant a complete remodel and careful coordination. A secured vestibule protects a central dispatch room, where 3 high-tech consoles allow personnel to monitor campus security cameras, keep constant links with campus safety and alarm systems, and maintain real-time communications with UOPD patrol staff. An emergency back-up generator ensures uninterrupted power supply to all vital electrical and communications systems, and a server room is tied to the UO high-speed data network. Outdoor views in the manager’s corner office and main workroom, plus a solar tube in the records room connect the staff to nature even in the very screen-based work environment. Staff can prepare meals during shifts in the kitchenette, and find maximal comfort in the fully-adjustable ergonomic console equipment.

Photos by Bronson Studios

Mechanical Engineer:
Moulds Mechanical Engineering
(541) 484-0241

Electrical Engineer:
Paradigm Engineering

General Contractor:
Preferred Construction