Timbers Inn

1,200 SF Remodel, 200 SF Addition; Completed in 2017

This remodel re-brands the motel with a fresh, recognizable, and iconic identity – in keeping with its modernist past. Open & interconnected interior spaces are provided for easy monitoring and service from a central reception station to enhance visibility and connectivity between the interior and the outside. Patios and planted buffers function as a transition between the office building and motel’s parking lot.

While most of the finishes and all the interior partitions were removed, the iconic mid-century massive stone walls, exposed post-and-beam structure, and natural fir ceiling were preserved and featured. The building envelope was expanded to replace unused patios with a lobby & bar, and a generous breakfast lounge. The spacious, flowing interior opens wide windows towards the street corner and the surrounding motel rooms. Two sheltered corner dining & gathering patios linked to the interior are fitted with long wood benches and surrounded by landscaped concrete planters. The material palette complements the building style, and includes charcoal concrete, stained cedar and black metal trim on the exterior, and a warm collection of wood species on the interior. A new retro-style sign with the Timbers Inn new logo thrusts skyward, reestablishing this revived modernist building within Eugene’s rejuvenating Downtown.

Photos by Bronson Studios

Structural Engineer
Woodchuck Engineering

General Contractor
Allen Co. Design It! Build It! LLC

Logo Designer
Hopper Design & Illustration

HVAC Design/Build
Marshall’s Heating & Air