Vintage Eugene Bungalow Reborn

Whole new interior revitalizes west Eugene home while preserving its 100-year-old character. From outside, the home of Chris Hecht and Dana O’Mary appears to be just another bungalow, similar in age to other early-20th century homes in Eugene’s Jefferson Westside … Continue reading

Starpower Kitchen Near Eugene

On a clear day, Barbara and Robert Jacobs can see to the Three Sisters Mountains from their ranch home’s 5-acre hilltop property west of Eugene. But a lot of good the view was doing them in the heart of their … Continue reading

Back to the Future

By Paul Omundson Photos by Jeremy Bronson SOMETIMES A PIANO NEEDS TUNING. SO IT IS WITH homes, too, especially for a small, modest mid-century abode built in the 1960s, sitting atop the Hendricks Hills neighborhood. The house’s style, popular from … Continue reading

Keys to a Superb Carport

After designing two extensive home remodels for a client, Eugene architect Gary Moye was happy to devise an additional structure at the property: a carport. Usually carports don’t get an architect’s treatment, and in fact many of the structures end … Continue reading

The Next Big Thing Is Small

By Nir Pearlson Yesterday’s fun The large home, seemingly inseparable from the American Dream, is in fact a recent development. A product of 20th century socio-economic trends, big houses were fueled by a booming economy, permissive land-use regulations, streamlined manufacturing, … Continue reading

The Art of Architectural Sustainability

By Ryan Beltram Finding Nir Pearlson’s architect studio is a bit tricky. Located off of Agate Alley, the quaint and unassuming space might go unnoticed to a passing jogger, but if you stop and actually look at it, the small studio … Continue reading

Small House, Super-sized Living

It’s just 800 square feet, but new home in River Road area feels like a palace to Rob Handy and Julie Hulme. By Kelly Fenley Photos by Collin Andrew Give it up for ol’ Ben again. His waste-not, want-not maxim … Continue reading

A Tiny Oregon House Reaches Beyond Its Walls

A tiny Oregon house reaches beyond its walls to embrace the outdoors, regardless of weather. “Human scale” is the term owner Julie uses to describe the cozy spaciousness accomplished through her 800-square-foot home. Located on just over two acres at … Continue reading