Since Nir Pearlson founded his architectural firm in 2003, the firm has grown from a one-person shop focused on residential projects, to a full team of architects and designers, working on a complex array of commercial, institutional, multi-family housing, and custom residential projects.

With a commitment to sustainability and a passion for innovative housing solutions, our team has won awards and praise for our commercial, green projects and our series of unique mini-homes. As we widened our range of services we also expanded our geographical reach, completing projects in California, Washington, and throughout Oregon. Our residential stock plans are sold throughout the United States.

In recent years we have been searching for a new name to better reflect our firm’s teamwork style, capabilities, methodology, and philosophy, and we found it: Aligned Architecture!

Our new name, Aligned Architecture, captures who we are, and expresses how we practice architecture: We listen to our clients’ vision and goals, observe the site context, study all constraints and relevant codes, and identify appropriate sustainable strategies. Integrating all parameters, we develop design solutions that align with our clients’ vision, the site’s context, and legal requirements. Our designs incorporate energy and resource conservation measures so that our completed buildings align with their natural setting, and support throughout their life-cycles, a sustainable future.